NetDragon Jointly Organizes 2014 Strait Wisdom Education Forum and Education Informatization Technology Conference

[November 27, 2014, Hong Kong] NetDragon Websoft Inc. (“NetDragon”, Stock Code: 777), a leading developer and operator of online game and mobile Internet platforms in China, today announced that it successfully organized the 2014 Strait Wisdom Education Forum and Education Informatization Technology Conference in conjunction with East China Normal University on 25th November, 2014 at the Company’s Haixi Animation Creativity City in Fujian, China. The conference was endorsed by the National Education Information Technology Standards Committee, China’s Ministry of Education and the National Information Technology Standardization Committee.

Mr. Luyuan Liu, Chief Executive Officer of NetDragon commented, “The conference focused on the theme of smart Education in the Mobile Internet and Big Data Era in which educational reform can create new educational models, create paradigms for futuristic classroom and establish an ecosystem centered on the electronic bag. I am pleased to say that this was the most successful conference we have ever organized. The conference attracted a record number of participants, clients and business partners from over 14 provinces. We are honored to have had government officials and industry professionals attend from across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The education information industry developed rapidly in 2014. NetDragon has been following these trends closely and is ideally positioned to participate in the formulation of an education information system in order to speed up the roll-out of the education business with our unique mobile internet education platform. The successful organization of the Cross-Strait Smart Education Summit demonstrates NetDragon’s capability in the online education industry, the high recognition by the industry and at the same time shows NetDragon’s commitment to China’s online education sector and our efforts to participate in the formulation of the industry’s standards. The summit also plays an important role for NetDragon for rolling out the “Fair Education” strategy.

NetDragon is a leading force in China’s online education industry. NetDragon has been focusing its attention on the development of education information technology. The Company established Fujian Huayu Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2010. In recent years, the Company cooperated with Foxconn Technology Group to develop an educational tablet, Xinhuanet to develop a learning platform for its higher education business, and various Chinese universities and educational institutions to develop learning platforms and courses that combine big data analysis, cloud computing technology and gaming systems. In 2013, NetDragon formed a strategic partnership with East China Normal University, Beijing Normal University and Huazhong Normal University and worked with People’s Education Press on developing a unique innovative mobile education platform to support the National Science and Technology program – Research on key technology in developing education resources digital publishing and application.

The conference not only attracted a great attention from the general public and industry professionals, but also won high praises from community leaders and the media. As an organizer, NetDragon demonstrated its commitment to developing the education industry and strengthening its national and international influence. Industry experts and scholars shared their insights and experiences on deepening educational reform, advancing educational information, and building a learning community.


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