NetDragon Partners with China Mobile’s Wireless Music Base

Creates New Service Model for Millions of Legal Songs

[19 December 2011, Hong Kong] NetDragon Websoft Inc. (“NetDragon”; Stock Code: 777), a leading developer and operator of online games and mobile Internet platforms in China, is pleased to announce that Boyuan Wireless Websoft Technology, a subsidiary of NetDragon specializing in the mobile internet, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with China Mobile’s Wireless Music Base at the “One Cloud, Multiple Servers – Leading Wireless Market”-themed press conference held in Beijing on 16 December 2011. The two parties will consolidate the strengths of their respective resources to provide tens of millions of smartphone users with more extensive and convenient music products in a new service model, while facilitating a legal solution for the provision of music in the mobile internet sector.

The partnership brings together two million selections from both the popular and classical music libraries available at NetDragon’s mobile entertainment portal will set up a new section, entitled “Mi-Cu Music”, in the Download channel as well as at the WAP site, and will incorporate both the HTML and WML versions of the 12530 content community in the Ringtone and Music channels of 91 PC Suite. Meanwhile, the content community will also be embedded in the PC client of 91 PC Suite, allowing for the downloading of ringtones and songs. Finally, 91 Panda Home will set up a desktop music player in a prominent position on the site.

Chen Hongzhan, Vice President of NetDragon and Co-CEO of Boyuan Wireless, said, “We take the cooperation with China Mobile very seriously. 91 Mobile Platform will leverage all of its strong points to serve more users, allowing them to enjoy the fun of music via mobile.”

Chen Jianji, General Manager of Wireless Music Division at China Mobile, commented, “China Mobile highly focuses on the wireless music business as a significant part of its mobile internet strategy. We decided to cooperate with 91 Mobile Platform for its technology and market advantages and forward thinking efforts. Through the partnership, we hope that more users can experience the latest music via their mobile device more conveniently and fast in this new era of the mobile internet. By working together, we believe that we can accelerate the entry into this era.”


About China Mobile’s Wireless Music Base

China Mobile’s Wireless Music Base, formally founded in 2006, is the first innovation base for the company’s wireless music products. Since foundation, Wireless Music Base has gradually become a scale-based and strategic business, achieving “Five Largest”: the largest music sales platform, the largest legal music distribution platform, the largest legal music launching platform, the largest music user interaction platform and the largest music operation platform. So far, the music base has entered partnerships with more than 400 cooperative partners on music contents, including the global “big four” recorded music groups–Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI Group and Universal Music. The accumulated legal songs amounts to more than 1.5 million, forming the largest and most authoritative content libraries with legal copyrights, in which new songs cover more than 98%.