Introducing 3D Learning Space on Edmodo Platform

New Exploration in Interactive Learning by NetDragon

(Hong Kong, 4 September 2019) NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (“NetDragon” or “the Company”, Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, is excited to announce that it has launched 3D Learning Space, an innovative edtech product which stimulates students’ willingness to self-learn, on its subsidiary Edmodo’s platform. This product is currently available on Edmodo Labs.

3D Learning Space page on Edmodo Labs

3D Learning Space is devoted to providing interactive learning tools as well as social platforms for hundreds of millions of students and teachers around the world, including big data analysis, situational experience, fun challenges, AI assistants and 3D scene design. As an innovative technology product for learning, students can create their own virtual learning home within 3D Learning Space, complete a series of teacher-set learning tasks under the guidance of the AI assistants, and gain experience or props rewards for building and designing their own unique homes.

Home Interface in 3D Learning Space

Teacher users can set subject tasks and rewards for students according to the teaching needs through the backend management of 3D Learning Space. They can also master the learning progress of the students through the big data analysis tools provided. On the other hand, since the decorative props of virtual homes are all obtained by completing learning tasks, teachers only need to observe the degree of beauty of students’ virtual homes to have a basic understanding of the learning frequency and effectiveness of each student. Therefore, teachers can develop customized teaching plans for students according to such situational analysis.

3D Learning Space combines NetDragon’s unique fragmented learning content production approach and interactive learning experience, in order to enhance students’ willingness to self-learn and implement educational big data application from a new dimension. 3D Learning Space is an important product on the road of NetDragon’s exploration in China’s digital education solutions.

Edmodo is one of the largest and most active learning community platforms in the world, with more than 100 million registered users, covering 400,000 schools in more than 190 countries. It provides K-12 schools with a communication and collaboration platform for teachers, students, administrators and parents. Edmodo Labs, its educational product incubator sharing platform, has put together a number of high-quality educational products independently developed by NetDragon, including 3D Learning Space, 3D EBook and Edbox to satisfy different educators around the world.

Dr. Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon commented, “We are one of China’s earliest Internet companies as well as a pioneer in applying Internet technologies to education while going overseas. With many years of experience in the education field, NetDragon has continuously deepened the integration and optimization of educational technology, resources and content such as VR, AI and big data, and also partnered with many top academic institutions including Harvard University, Stanford University and Tsinghua University in terms of content production and teaching model innovation. These attempts have gradually paid dividends in recent years and we have gained recognition from international education communities. The Chinese government has put developing digital education and building a digital China among its top agenda. We hope to seize this opportunity to promote our education models and products to other parts of the world.”

In future, NetDragon plans to embed more teaching functions into 3D Learning Space, and leverages Edmodo’s huge registered user base to broaden its education business coverage to more countries, so that it can provide quality education and learning services to users around the world with its “China Solutions” for digital education.

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