NetDragon Published White Paper on Education Technology at BRICS Summit in Brazil

(Hong Kong, 15 November 2019) NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (“NetDragon” or “the Company”, Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, is pleased to announce that, the Company participated in the 11th BRICS Summit on November 13-14, 2019. The Summit was held at Brasilia, capital of Brazil. The theme of the conference was “Economic Growth for an Innovative Future”. Digital economy and technological innovation were two focused topics. Participants included heads of state of the BRICS five member states, core multilateral partners, and well-known enterprises from various fields to jointly discuss the future innovative cooperation model. On the other hand, at the “BRICS Business Council Meeting 2019”, the “White Paper on Education Technology in BRICS 2019’’ (“White Paper”), mainly drafted by NetDragon, was officially published.

With the support of the BRICS cooperation mechanism and the “Belt and Road Initiative”, NetDragon’s overseas business development has been well recognized. NetDragon has participated in the BRICS Summit for three consecutive years, and this was its second year to be invited as a core member of the Digital Economy Working Group of the BRICS Business Council. Mr. Liu Dejian, Founder and Chairman of NetDragon, Dr. Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon, attended the Summit representing NetDragon.

Mr. Liu Dejian (first from left), Founder and Chairman of NetDragon, attended the Summit

In July 2018, NetDragon joined the Digital Economy Working Group of the BRICS Business Council and participated in the preparation of the White Paper, in order to discuss the exploration and practice of the BRICS countries in the field of digital education, which received broad attention from the event attendees. Regarding the intention of participating in the drafting and publishing of the White Paper, Mr. Liu Dejian commented: “Integration of cutting-edge technology and education is the key focus of the industry. We hope to share our achievements in digital education over the years and work together with the BRICS countries to promote digital education and improve the quality of education. Although the BRICS countries have made significant progress in education in recent years, there remains a huge gap compared with developed countries. Therefore, we must take a more proactive role in the application of information technology to foster education upgrades, which is also the fundamental reason of our devotion to developing digital education technology.”

Since NetDragon’s expansion into the education industry, the Company has acquired a series of digital education companies worldwide, becoming an owner and promoter of rich teaching resources, advanced digital technologies and advanced pedagogical concepts. To date, NetDragon’s educational products and solutions have been gradually promoted and applied in the BRICS countries and countries along the “Belt and Road”. In recent years, NetDragon has provided the latest interactive learning technology to more than 20,000 smart classrooms in Moscow, Russia. Meanwhile, NetDragon plans to build 265,000 pop-up classrooms in Egypt within three years. In addition, NetDragon products have entered the Indian market for many years, and more than 100,000 classrooms have adopted NetDragon’s digital education solutions. NetDragon has also signed cooperation memorandums of understanding or strategic cooperation agreements with government departments, educational institutions and enterprises in Canada, Singapore, Japan, Nigeria, Kenya, and Serbia. As at today, NetDragon’s digital education business covers more than 2 million classrooms in more than 190 countries, with over 100 million registered users.

Dr. Xiong Li (left), CEO of NetDragon, held talks with Dr. Meng Shusen,
Chairman and President of China Unicom Global Limited

At the summit, Dr. Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon, held discussion with Dr. Meng Shusen, Chairman and President of China Unicom Global Limited. As a key member of the Digital Economy Working Group of the BRICS Business Council, China Unicom is one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to expand overseas. NetDragon and China Unicom discussed the industry application of 5G technology, and planned the future collaboration direction of the two companies.

When asked about the cooperation with China Unicom, Dr. Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon, commented, “China Unicom and our company have cooperated in various fields and successfully applied 5G technology in classrooms. In the future, both parties will explore further collaboration in international markets.” With the development of information technology, integration of digital technology and education has become a global trend, including the BRICS countries. As a major player in the global online and mobile digital education industry, NetDragon builds an education service platform system covering hardware, software, platforms and resources. Its businesses covers pre-school education, basic education, higher education, vocational education, corporate training, non-degree education and lifelong education, in pursuit of creating a global lifelong learning community. In the future, NetDragon will continue to adhere to its education vision and strive to become an advocate of global education development and innovation.

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