NetDragon Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Autodesk (China) To Explore New Path of Digital Education

(Hong Kong, 9 July 2021) NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (“NetDragon” or the “Company”; Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Autodesk Software (China) Limited (“Autodesk (China)”) in the Digital Education Town in Changle, Fuzhou. Both parties intend to establish a long-term communication mechanism through utilizing their core technology advantages, and work together to promote the application of digital technology in education. Both parties also plan to jointly participate in the UNESCO’s charity activities in digital education and continuously deepen cooperation in education philanthropy. Meanwhile, NetDragon and Autodesk (China) have agreed to build a digital education ecosystem together. Having joined the “Autodesk ECOX Project”, NetDragon will cooperate with Autodesk (China) to inject new vitality into the development of digital education ecosystem through technology exchanges, venue cooperation, business activities and market promotion. Mr. Liu Dejian, Chairman of NetDragon and Mr. Richard Li, Chairman of Autodesk (China) have both attended the signing ceremony.

Mr. Liu Dejian, Chairman of NetDragon (On the right),and Mr. Richard Li, Chairman of Autodesk (China) signed the MOU

During the signing ceremony, both sides agreed to build a long-term communication mechanism, constantly enrich and refine the communication channels, and promote in-depth development of the strategic partnership. The two parties intend to make digital education promotion the core of business cooperation, including 2D and 3D technology communications, sharing of digital content creation experience etc.

The advanced 2D and 3D technologies of Autodesk (China) will further enhance and expand the design capabilities and creative inspiration of NetDragon’s designers, enabling them to design products which will fit teaching needs better. Meanwhile, NetDragon will also utilize Autodesk (China)’s technologies, products and services to improve the efficiency of 2D and 3D technologies in the digital education industry. Leveraging on years of experiences in digital education content creation and management, the Company has promoted the efficient development of digital education content production and will further improve the digital education ecosystem.

In addition to technology cooperation, NetDragon and Autodesk (China) have also reached a preliminary consensus on expanding cooperation in education philanthropy. Both parties plan to participate in UNESCO’s digital education charity works to continually improve the education development in remote areas and promote educational equity.

Besides, NetDragon has joined the “Autodesk ECOX Project”, in which the Company, like other members, will have the opportunity to obtain various accelerated support from Autodesk (China), including technical support, market promotion, industry knowledge etc.

NetDragon was invited to attend the Autodesk University meeting in November 2020. During the event, taking the virtual scene designs of graduation exhibition and graduation ceremony developed with the Central Academy of Fine Arts (“CFAF”) as an example, the Company shared the practices and insights about how design and creative ideas could be applied in education, exhibition and other industries.

In the future, leveraging on the venue cooperation in the Digital Education Town, technology seminars, and IP linkage market promotion, both sides will jointly carry out the construction of digital education ecosystem through the “Autodesk ECOX Project”.

Netdragon has focused on applying new technologies such as AI, VR, AR, and big data to various education segments for years and is committed to upgrading traditional pedagogy and creating lifelong learning communities. By integrating its edges in technology, platforms and resources, Netdragon has launched a series of innovative products and solutions such as 101 Education PPT, 101VR Immersive Classroom, AI education robot, Intelligent Space Solution, NCET virtual experiment and One-stop Learning. Meanwhile, leveraging on the digital education resource production base in the Digital Education Town, the Company has promoted digital education around the world. Currently, NetDragon’s education business has covered more than 190 countries and regions worldwide, with more than 2 million classrooms and over 100 million users.

Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), the parent company of Autodesk (China), is dedicated to providing 2D and 3D design software, engineering software and digital content to help users unleash their unlimited creative potential. It has launched various products that are able to provide superior digital design and engineering software services for a wide range of applications in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and film animation industries. For example, the company has launched the famous computer-aided design software AutoCAD, 3D animation rendering and production software 3D Max, 3D modeling and animation software Maya, etc.

NetDragon and Autodesk (China) have reached a strategic cooperation in promoting the development of digital education ecosystem and participating in education philanthropy. The cooperation is not only a strong alliance with complementary advantages in the areas of technology and resources, but also a brand new attempt by the two parties to explore a new path to jointly build a digital education ecosystem. Both parties will maximize the synergies through cooperation to provide new growth drivers in the digital education ecosystem.


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