Dr. Liu Dejian

Chairman of the Board and Executive Director

Dr. Simon Leung

Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Director

Liu Luyuan

Executive Director, Rotating CEO

Chen Hongzhan

Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) , Senior Vice President

Wang Song

Chief Product Officer, Senior Vice President

Yam Kwok Hei, Benjamin

Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President

Yu Biao

Senior Vice President, Chairman of Fujian Huayu (China), Chairman of Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College

Lin Wei

Senior Vice President

Lin Chen

Senior Vice President

Chen Hong

Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) of Fujian Huayu and Senior Vice President

Lin Chiachuan, Peter

Chief Designer, Vice President

Vin Riera

Chief Executive Officer of Promethean

Lau Hak Kin, Wood

Financial Controller, Qualified Accountant, Director of Compliance and Corporate Affairs Department, Company Secretary

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