NetDragon Launches AI-enabled Primary Education Product Chivox Intelligent English Learning20201209174530
NetDragon’s Jumpstart Launches New Neopets Merchandise Licensing Program20201207122458
NetDragon Wins Tender of Construction of AI Education Public Service Platform for Primary and Secondary Schools in Henan20201127102701
NetDragon Wins the Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition’s “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2020” Award20201123115750
NetDragon’s Edmodo Selected as Exclusive Online Learning Platform in Ghana20201109191031
NetDragon Collaborates with Pearson Expands Education Library with Agreement to License Digital Content20201104104335
Sony Global Education and NetDragon’s Subsidiary, Huayu Education Jointly Launch “Smart Education Platform” to Enter Japanese Market20201013191831
NetDragon Launches Eudemons Storm II, a New Game under flagship Eudemons IP20200915162700
NetDragon Announces 2020 Interim Financial Results20200828160720
NetDragon will hold its 2020 interim results conference call on 28 August 202020200825183643