Date Event Venue
2018-12 NDR-Forsyth Barr (HK) Hongkong
Investment Strategy Conference-CCB International Hongkong
Reverse Roadshow Hongkong
Reverse Roadshow Hongkong
2018-11 Investment Strategy Conference-Bank of America Merrill Lynch Beijing
NDR-Daiwa Capital Markets Beijing
Investment Strategy Conference-Daiwa Capital Markets Hongkong
Investor Conference-Zhongtai International Hongkong
2018-10 The 3rd Hong Kong Chinese Securities Chief Forum hosted by the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Association Hongkong
Investment Strategy Conference-UBS Securities Shanghai
2018-09 NDR-GF Securities Hongkong
NDR-Macquarie Capital Limited Hongkong
Investment Strategy Conference-CICC Chengdu
2018-08 2018 Interim Results Conference Hongkong
NDR-DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd Hongkong
2018-06 NDR-Goldman Sachs Hongkong
Reverse Roadshow Fuzhou
NDR-Huatai Securities​ Hongkong
2018-05 Investment Strategy Conference-Bank of America Merrill Lynch Shenzhen
2018 Annual General Meeting Hongkong
2018-04 Conference Call on Acquiring Edmodo
Investment Strategy Conference-Industrial Securities Shenzhen
The 1st Digital China Summit and Netdragon Investor Conference Fuzhou
Investment Strategy Conference-Haitong Security Hangzhou
2018-03 Investment Strategy Conference-Morgan Stanley Hongkong
4Q and Fiscal Year 2017 Results Conference Call
NDR-Macquarie Capital Limited Hongkong
NDR-DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd Hongkong
NDR-CCBI Hongkong
2018-01 Investment Strategy Conference-Guosen Securities Shenzhen
Investment Strategy Conference-Zhongtai International Shenzhen
Reverse Roadshow Fuzhou