NetDragon Releases a New EP “Soul of Steel” for “Zero Online”

[28 March 28, 2011, Hong Kong] NetDragon Websoft Inc. (“NetDragon”, Stock Code: 777), a leading online game developer and operator in China, released a Chinese expansion pack (“EP”) “Soul of Steel” for its large-scale 2.5D MMORPG “Zero Online” yesterday.

“Zero Online”, China’s first 2.5D MMORPG under the theme of the universe and robots, has gained increasing popularity among fans of science fiction-based online games with abundant combat modes and balanced professional skills since its launch in 2007. As the 4 th Chinese EP, one of “Soul of Steel” highlights is a new class Spiritual Unit and therefore provides players with more options and enhanced balance, resulting in a more perfect game. The launch of “Soul of Steel” is anticipated to rekindle players’ passion for playing the game and help boost the game’s performance in the market. Meanwhile, the weapon system in the new EP has been improved to enhance the tension and visual effects of wars in the game. The English version of the EP is under development and expected to be released in May 2011.