NetDragon Sets the Bar for Arabic-language Region’s Online Gaming Market

[9 February, 2011 Hong Kong] NetDragon Websoft Inc., a leading online game developer and operator in China (“NetDragon”; Stock Code: 777), announced that the company, building on the outstanding record of success of the product “Conquer Online,” maintained its indisputable lead in the Arabic-language region’s online gaming market throughout 2010, as well as the company’s high ranking among Chinese online gaming companies.

With “Conquer Online,” the first Chinese-produced massive online game to enter the Middle Eastern and North African markets, NetDragon seized the opportunity to develop the Arabic-language market while also fully respecting local ethnic cultures. The company localized the content of the game to be more in line with the preferences of players in the target market, rolling out “Ramadan,” “Eid al-Fitr,” and other holiday missions which were extremely well-received by players, making “Conquer Online” the most popular massive online game in the Arabic language market. Additionally, in order to maintain the high quality of the game, NetDragon also places a great emphasis on the timely updating of content for the Arabic version of “Conquer Online.” The Arabic version of the game’s most recent expansion pack, “The Returning Light,” was officially released its open beta version on January 20th.

Looking forward, NetDragon also plans to enter even more emerging markets. The company hopes to develop cross-industry partnerships as well as create comprehensive and convenient payment channels by strengthening and expanding its operations, so as to maintain its leading position among Chinese online gaming companies in the development of foreign markets. The company believes that rapidly-developing foreign markets will continue to become a great part of NetDragon’s continued growth in its online gaming business operations.