NetDragon Hosted Digital Maritime Silk Road Sub-Forum at the 2nd Digital China Summit to Promote “China Solution” on Digital Education Worldwide

(Hong Kong – 10 May 2019) NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (“NetDragon” or “the Company”) (Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, is excited to announce that it participated in the Digital China Summit for two consecutive years, and continued to be a major participant as it hosted the Digital Maritime Silk Road Sub-Forum in Fuzhou. Mr. Liu Dejian, Founder and Chairman of the Board of NetDragon, was the sole keynote speaker among representing enterprises from Fujian’s digital technological industry at the opening ceremony. With ongoing success in promoting the “China Solution” in digital education along the “Belt and Road” countries and the rest of the world in recent years, Mr. Liu Dejian shared three topics, including NetDragon’s goal to create a digital education global business card, globalization of digital education “China Solution”, and advantages of “Digital Fujian” to create a global digital education content production base. The Summit also attracted a number of leading technology companies such as Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.

Mr. Liu Dejian, Founder and Chairman of the Board of NetDragon, spoke at the main forum of the 2nd Digital China Summit

Mr. Liu Dejian mentioned that a rising number of national leaders and education ministers have begun to pay close attention to the development of digital China. They also recognize that talent is the key to economic development, as such, they hope that the digital education “China Solution” can help young people in their respective countries to receive better education as soon as possible. NetDragon seized this opportunity and brought technologies, products and services of China’s digital education to the global market, while achieving remarkable results in countries along the “Belt and Road” and making digital education an important part of the digital Maritime Silk Road construction.

Similar to last year, NetDragon hosted one of the sub-forums at the Digital China Summit, but this year in the theme of “Digital Maritime Silk Road Empowering High-Quality Development”. The forum had a number of collaboration projects signed on-site, including a collaboration agreement on digital education between the Nigerian federal government and NetDragon, a collaborative memorandum of cooperation on digital education between the Ghana government and NetDragon, a strategic collaboration framework agreement between Encyclopædia Britannica and NetDragon, a memorandum of cooperation on STEAM education between LEGO Education, Fujian Preschool Education College and NetDragon, and a strategic collaboration agreement to establish the “Sino Europe Innovation Centre” between Digital Education Town and Fosun Foundation. Overall, NetDragon had better achievements this year over the previous year, and expects the digital economic cooperation between countries along the digital Maritime Silk Road to deepen further.

In early 2019, NetDragon reached a memorandum of cooperation with Egypt, where the Egyptian government plans to purchase a sizable volume of NetDragon’s new product, the Pop-up Classroom (container classroom), and complete the construction of such 265,000 mobile container classrooms across Egypt within the next three years. Leveraging its product design and cutting-edge technologies, NetDragon adapts to different local educational difficulties and user characteristics to tailor-make products or solutions in each country. Pop-up Classroom attracted the Egyptian government with its convenience, efficiency and cost advantage, as it would be able to solve the problem of shortage in schools in Egypt. In addition, NetDragon can also solve Egypt’s other problem of shortage in teachers through integration of AI technology as in its AI Teaching Assistant. Speaking of the successful experience of the Egyptian project, Mr. Liu Dejian emphasized in his speech that globalization of China’s digital education solution should give full play to the innovation and application of technologies among Chinese technology enterprises.

Students experiencing NetDragon’s Pop-up Classroom (container classroom)

As one of the leading promoters of “Digital Fujian” construction, NetDragon has seized the opportunity in recent years to apply new technologies such as AI, VR/AR and big data to various fields of education, while actively strategizing “Digital Maritime Silk Road” construction in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. Since 2017, NetDragon has partnered with the City of Moscow and participated in the construction of its local “Smart City” project. Currently, there are more than 20,000 classrooms in the City of Moscow using NetDragon’s interactive panels. In 2018, NetDragon partnered with Aspire Link, a Malaysia local professional education institution, and the Sarawak Government of Malaysia to jointly promote and improve digital education in Sarawak. On top of these, NetDragon has established cooperation with more than 20 countries along the “Belt and Road” including India, South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya and Serbia. To date, NetDragon’s education business covers more than 1.3 million classrooms in over 190 countries around the world, benefiting more than 100 million users worldwide.

Mr. Liu Dejian said, “Fujian is China’s birthplace of Digital China construction. NetDragon is confident to fully exploit Digital Fujian’s advantages in innovation, industry and openness, and at the same time, encourage more local enterprises to engage in digital education content production. We are excited to let digital education become a global business card for digital China to the world, making Fuzhou the world’s largest production base for digital education content. ”

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