Liu Sai Keung, Thomas20180726174931

Liu Sai Keung, Thomas

Independent Non-Executive Director
Lee Kwan Hung20180726174015

Lee Kwan Hung

Independent Non-Executive Director
Chao Guowei, Charles20180726171558

Chao Guowei, Charles

Independent Non-Executive Director
Lin Dongliang20180726170537

Lin Dongliang

Non-Executive Director
Zheng Hui20180726170050

Zheng Hui

Executive Director
Chen Hongzhan20180726145138

Chen Hongzhan

Executive Director, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Liu Luyuan20180706162903

Liu Luyuan

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Compliance Officer and one of the authorized representatives of the Company
Dr. Leung Lim Kin, Simon20180706162628

Dr. Leung Lim Kin, Simon

Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive Director
Liu Dejian20180706162032

Liu Dejian

Chairman of the Board and Executive Director